Jazz Vocals

Yes, believe it or not. Smooth jazz can be more than simply cleverly composed pop rhythms and seamless improvisations. Talented vocalists can supplement such arrangements, creating colorful songs in the end.

In Martin’s Jazz Vocals playlist, you’ll hear singers like Will Downing, Shai, Stokley Williams, Maxi Priest, and Johnathan Butler alongside several talented musicians in the genre.

While Diana Krall and Sade aren’t necessarily considered smooth jazz, their voices can be heard on radio stations like SmoothJazzChicago.net.

Be sure to listen to Jessy J sing on her “Siempre.” She is commonly known for her saxophone, but she is also quite a talented musician of other instruments and a vocalist.

It is also worthwhile to note that “Little Laughter” stands as the only song by Acoustic Alchemy with lyrics. Jo Harrop, for now, holds the distinction as A.A.’s only featured vocalist.