Caravan Of Dreams

Below, you’ll find Martin’s Caravan Of Dreams playlist.

The playlist is named after a song by the English smooth jazz / new age ensemble Acoustic Alchemy. Like the title track, you hear mostly easy-listening and lighthearted songs.

One of the songs Martin enjoys a lot by A.A. is “Positive Thinking.” Listen for the string section in the middle of this song.

Many other songs you’ll hear are from early on in the band’s discography, such as “Sarah Victoria,” “Girl With A Red Carnation,” “Ballad For Kay,” and “With You In Mind.”

Another early song, listed first on this playlist, is “Natural Elements.” This song became the theme for Gardener’s World, a popular TV program in the UK.

More recent soft songs by the band appears on this list like “The Wind Of Change” and “Cherry Hill.” Also, the later song titled “Ya Tebya Lubliu” means “I love you” in Russian.

*“Caravan Of Dreams” is found on albums Reference Point and The Very Best of Acoustic Alchemy. Careful not to be confused by a song of the same name by fellow smooth jazz guitarist Peter White.


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