Another Jazz Vocalist Makes History on Billboard Chart

The still above features Lindsey Webster from her music video for “Fool Me Once” on YouTube. Screenshot by Phillip Martin, using a smartphone.

By Phillip Martin

If you have never heard of Lindsey Webster, chances are you’re in good company. But, now that the jazz vocalist has made history with her debut on a Billboard chart, chances are we’ll be hearing more from her soon.

Two weeks ago, Webster became the second artist to reach No. 1 on Billboard’s “Smooth Jazz Songs” chart with a fully-led vocal song. *With her song, “Fool Me Once,” she is the first to achieve this feat in the traditionally instrumental chart since Sade did in 2010 with her “Soldier of Love.” Gordon Murray of Billboard first reported Webster’s rare achievement.

Graphic above is from Webster’s Facebook post. Screen capture by Phillip Martin.

In the article, Webster shared her thoughts with Billboard about her accomplishment.

“The fact that I’m on a Billboard chart, let alone at No. 1 … let alone in a mostly instrumental format, has been a huge turning point for me,” she told the national magazine.

As of March 3, Webster leads a second week on the chart with “Fool Me Once.” This week’s reigning No. 1 smooth jazz song comes from the vocalist’s You Change from 2015. The hit is also set up to lead through the week ending with March 12.

If “Fool Me Once” continues to chart high for Webster, followed by future songs by the vocalist debuting on Billboard, one could validate her success as more than achievement by chance.

The music video for her song is available on YouTube, where one can hear her soulful voice and watch her arousing performance.

*A third vocal-driven song did also top the contemporary jazz chart in the past. George Benson and Al Jarreau’s “Mornin'” led for five weeks back in 2006, Murray noted in his article. However, this rendition of Jarreau’s original 1983 “Mornin’,” featured a mix of instrumentals and what Murray called “scat-singing from Jarreau.”


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