Julian Vaughn to Release Hometown-themed Record

By Phillip Martin

Guitar player Julian Vaughn is busy recording his new album, due out this summer, and he’s not shying away from sharing about it.


Vaughn’s new album will be dedicated to his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, he announced on his Facebook page Jan. 9, one week ago.

The young smooth jazz star enjoyed success this past year as his latest hit “Ride Along” finished No. 3 on Billboard’s 2015 year-end chart.”Ride Along” featured sax player Elan Trotman, who also enjoyed chart success in the previous year. Vaughn’s 2015 album Limitedless, which featured the song, finished No. 24 on SmoothJazz.com’s 2015 year-end chart. 

Vaughn’s playing style sounds similar to the late Wayman Tisdale, and some classify him in the same style as Marcus Miller. Vaughn has said Tisdale is one of his biggest musical influences. The Kansas City-bred guitarist is on my short list of artists I seek to include in my own smooth jazz collection.


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