Brian Culbertson Will “funkifize” With New Funk Record

By Phillip Martin

Updated Jan 30, 2016 at 6:10 p.m.

Jazz, R&B, and funk pianist Brian Culbertson announced on his website and by social Monday he will release a new funk album.

The album, expected for release this coming September, will be Culbertson’s fourteenth studio album of his career. It will also be his second funk-themed album since Bringing Back The Funk in 2008.

Culbertson has already recorded a few collaborations for his new album, according to his posting. Below is a video of him in Minneapolis while recording with Chance Howard and St. Paul Peterson:

On his website, Culbertson also mentioned that two special features will accompany the new album:

First, he will share a new video blog on YouTube that will chronicle the production of some of the tracks. Like with his three previous studio albums, fans can watch teasers, hearing how the chorus of each track will sound. Fans can also pitch in the recording process, which Culbertson says he will provide with special offers in the spring via Indiegogo, a crowd-funding website.

Secondly, Culbertson said in his posting that he and his camp are planning “an extensive FUNK tour” for this fall. The schedule for the tour is set to come out sometime this spring.

 The term “funkifize” in the headline of this post is derived from the song titled “You Got To Funkifize” originally by Tower of Power, redone by Brian Culbertson on his Bringing Back The Funk record.

Watch Mound City Jazz on Tuesday, Culbertson’s birthday, as I post my first CD album review for his Live From The Inside.


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